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April 2021
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Graham Lambkin




Graham Lambkin (b. 1973 in Dover, England) is a multidisciplinary artist, currently based in Upstate New York, who first came to prominence in the early 90′s through the formation of his music group The Shadow Ring. Combining a D.I.Y. post-punk ethic with folk music, cracked electronics, and surreal wordplay, The Shadow Ring created a unique hybrid sound that set them apart from their peers and continues to show as an influence today.

Following the dissolution of The Shadow Ring Lambkin embarked on a series of striking and highly original solo releases, including ‘Salmon Run’ (2007) and ‘Amateur Doubles’ (2012), a critically acclaimed trilogy with experimental tape musician Jason Lescalleet:’The Breadwinner’ (2007), ‘Air Supply’ (2010) and ‘Photographs’ (2013), and ‘Making A’ (2013) a collaboration with legendary table-top guitarist and founding member of AMM, Keith Rowe. His latest release, ‘Schwarze Riesenfalter’ sees Lambkin paired with renowed Wandelweiser composer Michael Pisaro in a musical reimagining for the texts of Georg Trakl.

Lambkin also curates the Kye label, which since it’s conception in 2001 has released work by contemporary artists such as Vanessa Rossetto, Malcolm Goldstein, and Astor, as well as archival collections from the likes of Henning Christiansen, Moniek Darge and Anton Heyboer.

Lambkin’s reputation as a visual artist also came into focus during the 1990′s, designing record sleeves, t-shirts, posters/flyers for a slew of underground labels and bands including The Dead C, Harry Pussy, and Double Leopards. His playful combination of figurative and abstract elements lend Lambkin’s work a jarring, dreamlike quality that confuses the eye by placing childlike totems against a darker adult undercurrent. Five books of Lambkin’s art/text have been published to date: ‘Unfocused Hands’ (2004), ‘Dumb Answer To Miracles’ (2009), ‘Dripping Junk’ (2010) ‘Millows’ (2012), and most recently ‘Came To Call Mine’ (2014) a sumptuous collection of illutration and prose for children.

Lambkin is currently represented by Audio Visual Arts in New York, and 356 Mission Gallery in Los Angeles.