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April 2021
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Counterflows Festival 2020 is on! Join us on the 2nd-5th of April for a 4 day programme of radical international and local music. Taking in listening, dancing, discussion and hanging-out, spilling out and across our favourite venues and community spaces in Glasgow.

The 9th edition of Counterflows is in some respect a pivotal year for the festival. Over the last few editions we have grappled with the various ways of articulating what Counterflows is. Moving beyond the dogmas and hierarchies of experimental music, as well as fighting the creeping isolationist agenda, we have sought to create a space of social cohesion in an increasingly discordant world. A space where artists and audiences can meet, share and have a lot of fun in the process. Taking in new developments in traditional song, Kenyan rap, futuristic Jamaican dancehall, experimental pop, ecstatic fried electronics, radical new dance works and so much more, the Counterflows programme swirls on and off the grid, taking audiences on a dizzying and unforgettable journey.

Our 2020 edition of the festival will feature numerous new commissions, UK-debut performances, collaborations and so much more. And for this year we are excited to announce that Still House Plants will be the featured artists.

Still House Plants are a Glasgow and South London-based three-piece collective made up of Finlay Clark, David Kennedy, and Jessica Hickie-Kallenbach. Combining visual strategies, free improvisation, UK garage and punk, Still House Plants build melodic hierarchies scaffolded around ambiguities and intimacy. In 2018 the trio

released their debut LP ‘Long Play’, collecting the group’s raw guitar-drum-vocal palette and stretching it to include violin, piano and intimate home recording. Ranging from seconds-long to seven:minute:somethings, the album coagulates to form a heady meld of rudimentary phrases, kinetic repetition and malleable samples. Experimental songwriting is rarely so forthcoming, emotive, or approachable.

2020 sees the trio record a new 12” set to be released on Blank Forms (US) and bison (UK), as well as performing and collaborating with artists in Mexico City, Oaxaca, Glasgow, New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Tokyo with British Council/33-33 x MODE.
Following on from a wonderful variety of past featured artists at the festival – including Joe McPhee, Richard Youngs, Zeena Parkins, Ashley Paul and Usurper – Still House Plants will play and present different parts of their practice at Counterflows 2020, offering audiences new ways to engage with their work like never before.