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April 2021
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India Blog Day 10 & 11 – – Fort Kochi & the biggest trees in the world (not really).



So we arrive in Fort Kochi after a twelve hour train ride across south India.

It is lovely arriving in Kerela for my second time as dawn breaks and especially this time with Nakul with us. Nakul is from a small town in Kerela and his broad smile beams as we stare out at the leafy landscape that appears as the glow of the sun begins. After confusion as we have disembarked about where the taxi I booked with the hotel is we just grab an Uber cab and a rickshaw to Hotel 18. The Hotel is smack bang in the middle of Fort Kochi. Rian and Mark comment about the beautiful trees outside the hotel. They are not the biggest trees in the world but are quite big. We have breakfast and head for bed.  That evening we meet Issac Alexander the owner of The Pepper House and Mark and Rian get to see the spaces for the first time. Pepper House is just as I imagined and an amazing place to have our last installation and performance. We have time in Kochi to relax a bit before Farah Mulla arrives from Mumbai and also the folk artists from Kerela join us and we plan the next version of The Algebra of Listening.