A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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Day 4 & 5 – Uncle and Deepak and off to Chennai

The first performance of The Algebra of Listening was a success and such a relief that everyone pulled it off. When starting projects like this there are so many unknown factors but at Harrington Art Centre on Ho Chi Mhin road in Kolkata it all started to make sense. After getting over the the centre at 11am on Sunday the 2nd and switching on the installation just sitting in Mark’s beautiful thing was such a treat. Varun arrive ready to take us on adventure but first we had to go and buy luggage to transport the recently acquired s and perfectly formed speakers that are the travelling installation. We Uber-off to an area that Varun wanted take where book stall after book stall line the streets. Unfortunately it is Sunday and most are closed. So with suitcase in hand we finally pack up the gear and our Kolkata leg is over but not before the gang led by Varun take a trip to the Ganges. I stay behind to catch up with things. Pratik Rian’s friend who has joined us for the Kolkata performance and who came all the way from Hong Kong to do this kindly invites us over to his Uncles house where he is staying for dinner. And what a colourful affair the whole thing is. Such generosity is a bit overwhelming. We then head for the roof of the amazing complex that Uncle owns (in one of the rooms there is actually a wedding going on with thumping beats and lights a plenty. Whisky and brandy down the hatch and then back to get packed up ready for Chennai.

The miracle is we get to Chennai with all bags intact. The combined luggage weight is 99.37 kg which is just under the 110 kg I purchased. What a relief. Or no, just good planning. Ha! Safely in Chennai we head straight for KM College to dump stuff and go round to the Radha Regent Hotel which thankfully is just around the corner. Part 2 starts tomorrow.  Back at KM we set up the speakers get a plan together for how to perform in a very different space from the marble clad Harrington Arts Centre. The guys at KM are on hand to do the wiring and we find out that we need more cables. Of to the electricians for 4-ways and extra-long kettle cables. I’m finding out more and more about the difficulties of touring installation pieces as we go. Performance day looms.