A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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Late Night Counterflows Rabih Beaini (Aka Morphosis)




After Heatsick’s ridiculous and suffocatingly brilliant Extended Play last year we wondered how to follow such a thing. Well wonder no longer. Rabih Beaini will present a four hour DJ set of such rumbustious brilliance that the memory of Heatsick will gently fade into the night air. Rabih Beaini’s DJ sets are legendary for their boundless musical scope and to me it seems truly appropriate for Counterflows to have him perform for the first time in Scotland. Only recently Rabih was enthusing to me about an Indonesian band Senyawa that he is helping to promote in Europe and they are amazing. I mention this just to show the breadth of his musical vision. Dancing is Obligatory! No slouching in an experimental corner.