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April 2021
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Saturday 8th April 2017 – Garnethill Multicultural Community Centre

Doors open at 9pm

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LES FILLES DE ILLIGHADAD bild-2-lesfilles_christopherkirkley2

Les Filles de Illighadad are a group that hail from the village of Illighadad in the region of Abalak. They present a curious and original approach to two very different sides of Tuareg music – dreamy ishumar acoustic guitar sessions, and the hypnotic polyphonic tende drum that inspires it. Their intoxicating debut album – out now on the reliably excellent Sahel Sounds – was recorded during long sessions in the sweltering heat of their hometown; a world far away from wi-fi where the suns’ passage, the movement of the animals and the sound of the crickets measures the length of the day.

The two young woman at the core of the group – guitarist Fatou Seidi Ghalia and vocalist Alamnou Akrouni – are proof that the heavily male-dominated guitar music of Niger might be becoming a thing of the past. Their raw, minimal and melancholy-laced sound is something of wonder – and it is a real pleasure to welcome to them to the UK for the first time as part of Counterflows 2017.


GLORIAS NAVALES 14610750_10211057719467843_843840035_n

Delighted to welcome Chile’s Glorias Navales to Europe for the very first time. The group get together regularly in a private space in Santiago to jam out a type of late night campfire trance music, bridging the gap aesthetically and stylistically between Chilean folk music (ala Violeta Parra) and ramshackle post-Velvets psychedelia. Their sound – crafted on acoustic guitars, violin and stomp box – have resulted in stunning releases; ‘Carta a Maureen Tucker’ ETCS and ‘Cofradia Nautical’ on Graham Lambkin’s KYE label. Join us for a raw, unvarnished walkway straight into heart the of the contemporary Chilean underground.