A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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photo @ Classic Grand by Martin Gray

photo @ Classic Grand by Martin Gray

Music therapist and violist Aby Vulliamy will facilitate a fun and accessible music workshop, with support from pianist Laura Cole, vocalist Maria Jardardottir, music therapist and trombonist George Murray plus some local guest musicians. Inviting volunteers from children and adults of all ages and abilities to ‘conduct’ the ensemble in whatever manner they like (anything from minimal eye movements to free-style dance), we will create a thrilling and intimate experience of interactive music-making, using instruments, body percussion and vocalisations. The workshop explores concepts of ‘attunement’ (mirroring and tuning into the feelings behind actions and facial expressions) and cross-modal communication (eg translation from movement to sound and vice versa), both of which are powerful aspects of the instinctive relationship between a pre-verbal baby and parent.

WORKSHOP #1 Glad Café Foundation – 11:00
Performance #2 Glad Café Bar – 14:00

Meet at Glad Café at 11am.
There will be three sessions:

Session 1 – 11.30 – 12pm
Session 2 – 12 – 12.30pm
Session 3 – 12.30 – 1pm

Motherese with Aby Vulliamy, Laura Cole, Maria Jardardottir & George Murray
Glad Café/venue – 2pm

The workshop culminates in a ‘musical group self-portrait’, a vibrant and dynamic experience of spontaneous group expression, proving that whatever our age or ability, we are all inherently musical…

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