A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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N.M.O. is an acronym serving to frame the work of a rolling computerized ceremonial aerobics unit that operates in a hybrid territory between club music, performance and inventive forms of sound spatialisation. What they call ‘Military Danceable Space Music and/or Fluxus Techno’ is a unique blend of repetitive percussive patterns and synthetic sounds that combined with performative aspects explodes during their live shows.

From a club night intermezzo concept that begins with a bleep test from the the middle of the dancefloor to a site specific hybrid lecture that reduces the sound pressure level of a club performances but increases the degree of interactivity with the audience (incorporating the game of musical chairs), to outdoor performances with colored smoke grenades and flares that are all an attempt to question standardized formats of presentation of electronic music and ways to break with passive listening.

To follow their two releases on Barcelona’s Anòmia label, including 2014’s ‘critically acclaimed and standout’ 12″, ‘Nederlandse Maatschappij Ontwikkeling’, their latest EP ‘Naturkunde Museum Ostkreuz’ for Bookman’s label The Death of Rave put forward ‘a visceral, effectively unprecedented sound that’s hard to ignore.’ N.M.O. has recently released a proto-techno tinged concept 12″ on Where To Now and a double 12″ for Powell’s Diagonal Records to be released in early 2016.

nmo web : n-m-o.tk
twitter: https://twitter.com/NewMexicoOccult