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April 2021
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Negro Leo



When Chico Dub, director of the Novas Frequencias festival in Rio De Janeiro, sent me music from Brazil to consider as part of our developing collaboration one person shone out from the amazing mixture of music that is a part of the collective Brazilian experiment in sound. Negro Leo’s music somehow grabbed me and made me take notice. Distorted guitar, almost atonal but not, song that to my Scottish ears sprung from the Brazil of Caetano Veloso and Gal Costa or the magic of Tom Ze. This is a voice that tells so much and shouts with punk defiance. Of course when I met him in Rio it was no disappointment. A singer, songwriter and poet of the new from Maranhao, Negro Leo, is part of the grassroots revolution that is brewing in the dark and exploding from the venue Audio Rebel in Rio.


Negro Leo-620