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April 2021
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Olimpia Splendid



Olimpia Splendid sound a bit like all our favourite guitar bands rolled up into one. Made up of three woman at the beating-heart of the Helsinki art and music underground – Heta Bilaletdin, Jonna Karanka and Katri Sipiläinen – they make wiry, hypnotic and out-of tune DIY punk with guitars, bass and a drum machine. Reliably brilliant weirdo imprint Fonal Records released their debut 7” ep in 2013, which was followed by a full-length debut in July 2015.

“This wonderful Finnish trio sound like Royal Trux, The Dead C and the troublemaking witches from Macbeth, stirring their pot with grease and glitter (…) Party music for the tipping point before things get messy.” – The Wire