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April 2021
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Pat Thomas



photo: Siobhan Bradshaw

photo: Siobhan Bradshaw

Pat Thomas is a pianist based in Oxford. To us, he is one of the greatest living UK-based improvisers; a fearless and uncompromising player who – despite coming from a background of free improvisation and new music – can strangely feel as close to the worlds of noise and experimental music. One minute it can sound like he is ripping out the guts of a piano; thumping discordant chords with his fists or rattling the exterior wooden frame – the next he can be delicately gliding over the keys or creating microscopic tones with the inside of the piano.

Thomas’ musical CV is never ending but he has played with the likes of Derek Bailey, Peter Brotzmann, Mats Gustafsson and Chris Corsano – to name but a few. He is also currently involved in About Group (with Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip, Charles Hayward from This Heat and John Coxon) and Black Top (with Orphy Robinson).

We are delighted to have Pat Thomas perform a rare solo piano set at this year’s Counterflows.