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April 2021
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Peter Brotzmann & Paal Nilssen-Love



No excuses needed for having Peter Brotzmann and Paal Nilssen-Love play at Counterflows. And certainly none from me. They are two of the most profound and astonishing musicians around. I first heard Peter Brotzmann live at the 2001 Le Weekend festival in Stirling, way back before I was involved in the festival other than as a fan, when he was playing with Hamid Drake. It remains one of the most sublime musical experiences of my life, and there has been a few. It even brought me to the ridiculous state where I found myself speaking in German just to thank him for the experience. Thankfully he hasn’t held it against me. In fact I have been lucky enough to get to know him a bit since I put on the Tentet for the first time in the UK at Le Weekend 2006. I must say that even although the Tentet in all its magnificence is a sound to behold to hear Peter in the duo setting is a must in any musical calendar. His power and lyricism come to the fore and present us with the complete artist. Drummers like Paal don’t come around very often. I can only think of Steve Noble as someone else who has forged such an original sound. It is to do with the music they bring with them as they are just seemingly battering out rhythm, that , and their touch. And of course Paal is not such a bad DJ. Take care not to dance too loudly.