A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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Peter Brotzmann & Paal Nilssen-Love / Rei Nakajima / Fuaim is Solas / Annette Krebs solo



Sun 7 April / Glad Café / 9:00pm


The thing about Brötzmann, especially in recent years, is that for all the thrillingly high-octane squealing and hooting, for all the bristly, grizzly growls and no-messing decibels, he spans a full emotional gambit. Often it’s the brief moments of lyrical respite that hit home hardest. His art has been described as angry and acerbic, but for me the impact was more a wakeup call than a slap in the face: a pitch for immediacy, immersion and invigoration in a desensitised world. The set closed with Brötzmann playing alone, from the heart, repeating a simple, soulful melody. The effect was beautiful and devastating. Kate Molleson, Herald Scotland

Counterflows was delighted to bring the festival to a close with one of the most committed and uncompromising figures in Europe’s free music avant garde. The pleasure was also heightened by the chance to hear this intense duo in the intimate setting of the wonderful Glad Café. Peter Brötzmann and Paal Nilssen-Love played together for the first time in 1998. Since then the two have collaborated in many groups, amongst them Hairy Bones, Roma trio, Ada trio, The Chicago Tentet and not least as duo. The duo has toured several times in Europe, played concerts in Japan and USA. The Oslo based record label, Smalltown Supersound has released two CDs, “SweetSweat” from 2008 and “Woodcuts” from 2010.

Peter Brötzmann should´nt need much of an introduction. At the age of 71, he is still pushing himself and his fellow musicians beyond all limits. His discography counts more than 200 albums with musicians from all over the world and there´s never a doubt that quality will be very high if Brötzmann is involved.

Paal Nilssen-Love has established himself as a very strong drummer of high energy and stamina on the international scene of jazz and improvised music. Through regular collaborations with musicians from Sweden, Chicago and Germany, he shows an on-going strength to push limits and borders.

Fuaim is Solas
An improvised performance that will incorporate 16mm films, cherry- picked from the Bandita Archive. For Fuaim is Solas, the Banditas will be collaborating with musicians Martin Green (accordionist, composer, producer – Lau, The Green Machine, Monstre), Una Monaghan (harpist and composer – Sonic Arts Research Centre), and Tim Matthew (fiddler, composer, producer – Mystery Juice, Kiddy Cinema). As well as their instruments, Martin, Una and Tim will be using various pieces of technology or software to manipulate their sounds to react in real time to the projected images flowing from the Bandita projectors.

Rie NakaJima
…Japanese artist Rei Nakajima performed what might seem the diametric opposite to Brötzmann, gathering the kind of objects you’d stuff away in a kitchen drawer (marbles, tin boxes, plastic whistles) and gradually setting them ticking and clanking with little mechanical engines. Because she started from silence, the eventual cacophony – albeit hushed in objective terms – felt brilliantly raucous. Sometimes the quietest sounds are easiest to hear. Kate Molleson, Herald Scotland

Rie Nakajima is an artist working with installations and performances that produce sound.Her works are most often composed in direct response to unique architectural spaces using a combination of audio materials and found objects.The works created for the purposes of “playing” the sounds she has in mind are often placed matter-of-factly on the floor or take the form of assembled objects that serve as sound makers,
giving rise to inorganic spaces. Listening to the works in such finely honed environments brings to the surface in a pure way people’s imagination, memories, and deepest thoughts. www.rienakajima.com

Annette Krebs
Video miniature by Mona Breede (Karsruhe/ Germany)
Sound by Annette Krebs: 4:17

Video miniature by Annegret Bleisteiner (Muenchen/Germany)
Sound by Annette Krebs: 3:33

le vol III
Third part of the trilogie “le vol” (e: “the theft”)
Project by Telefon (Steffi Weismann and Annette Krebs)
Sound: Annette Krebs
Video: Steffi Weismann: 13:05