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April 2021
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Place, the final frontier!



So to finally announce a really inspiring new project with two of the UK’s most exciting artists.

Mythos of Violins is an explorative collaboration puzzling over the unsconcious or conscious affect of place on the creative development of an artist. We collect and reject so many influences in our development as human beings, some good, some bad, sometimes it is a wonder that we can actually coherently articulate anything at all (and maybe we can’t) – hence that tower of Babel. Place is always there somewhere in the back of our psyche or on occassions up front staring us directly in our eyes. As the sunrises across that familiar sky outside our window. Place often feels more important when we are not there. This new commission ponders what and how place affects the creative process.

Angharad Davies and Laura Cannell come from two very distinct places in the UK – Aberystwyth in Wales and Southwold in Suffolk. They will collaborate for the first time on this idea and take their music to where ever it might go. Both accomplished violinists that have come together from possibly very different approaches but are seeking to share and learn and expand their methods and sound worlds.

Like previous AC Projects’ blog we will use this space to put down ideas and share discoveries along the way.

The plan at the moment which was hatched really only a week or two ago (first time we could properly get together) is for Angharad and Laura to perform Mythos of Violins in both Southwold and Aberystwyth at two very evocative locations – Y Capel outside Aberystwyth and St Edmonds Church in Southwold. Anghard and Laura will spend some time in both places visiting sites in the areas and working together on ideas.

Firstly and the premiere, if that is allowed to be said, of the project will happen at Counterflows 2016 and will take place at the Glasgow University Chapel, itself a wonderfully evocative place. Prior to the concert Angharad and Laura will visit the amazing St Peter’s Seminary at Cardross. As some may know St Peter’s is undergoing a transformation. NVA, under the visionary direction of Angus Farquar, have developed an ambitious vision to reclaim the future of this iconic modernist ruin as a national platform for public art and heritage destination. AC Projects is in the process of discussing with Angus how we can work together and so I thought what a great place to start Mythos of Violins. The idea being to have a walk through the grounds and ruins and possibly to perform privately and to record sounds and photograph images. From 18th – 27th March Hinterland (what the new St Peter’s will be called) will have breached the fabric of these ruins by opening the Festival of Architecture in Scotland.

Anghard and Laura will perform at the opening concert at Counterflows on Thursday 7th April. Keep an eye on this blog for the other dates and also more information and discoveries from the artists.

Mythos of Violins has been commissioned by AC Projects and is part of the Beyond Borders new commissions fund developed by PRS for Music Foundation and their partners. AC Projects gratefully acknowledges their support.