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April 2021
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Rabih Beaini



Rabih Beaini aka Morphosis is a lone voice in electronic music. Few dis thread as challenging and intriguing sounds together, where dark wave, Lebanese folk music, krautrock, Saharan blues, odd-ball disco and techno all sit together in dizzying harmony. I caught Rabih doing a live set at The Laundry in Hackney last year when he supported the Fire Orchestra and what struck me, other than the sheer brilliance of his set, was how much fun it was – a very Counterflows mixture of sounds. So it is really exciting to have him here in Glasgow for the first time. His own Morphine label (home to the likes of Hieroglyphic Being, Charles Cohen & Madteo) is just as sonically unpredictable, so too his own cultured remixes and stunning long players. Unfamiliar and unmissable, the Lebanese artist’s productions sound as live and alive as anything he does in the club, truly making him in a class of one.