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soft tissue AC Projects Residency at CCA



In November 2020, we were invited to do a Creative Lab Residency at CCA Glasgow through AC Projects. We had 4 weeks in the space, designated to develop a new performance and recording setup. Here are a few glimpses of what we got up to during the residency.

Throughout the residency we were working out new ways of sharing and cross-processing sounds live. We developed a new setup in which we can resample and transform each other’s sounds on the fly. This is a more fluid version of the process we previously explored in our released works.

One of the Max/MSP patches we developed for live recording and processing. It contains samplers with slightly different functionalities and some basic Analysis translating the actions of the other person into Midi Data. The processed sounds can then be rooted to multiple or different speakers. We explored this newly developed setup in a live improvisation broadcasted by Radiophrenia:


In the third week of the residency we met with Rie Nakajima, who generously shared some of her work and process. We have been a long-time admirer of Rie´s work and she has been a big inspiration for both of us. To see more of Rie´s work visit:


Inspired by the workshop with Rie, we explored some ways of working with semi-autonomous sound objects within our setup. The first one is a circuit build with a battery, two magnets and copper wire. The second is a little vibration motor with a coin battery and some ceramic beads.

Part of the intention for our residency was to explore alternatives to the Stereo or Multichannel PA Setup which generally aims to make the act of Amplification as transparent as possible by trying to eradicate all non-linearities in the frequency spectrum. Some insects and birds change the frequency spectrum of their singing in relation to their environment. By experimenting with small, cheap speakers, we similarly wanted to explore the particularities in different spaces and objects. Rather than treating amplification as a neutral and transparent process, the function of the speaker becomes an integrated part of the setup.


During the last few days of the residency we were visited by Adriana Minu and Tom Mereweather for improvisations with different setups.