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April 2021
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SSW & Counterflows Residency Series 1 – AIR – Part One



Collaboration & Mushrooms & The Haunted Chair – 17th October – 1st November

This new collaboration between Counterflows and the Scottish Sculpture Workshop is a really exciting venture into, not quite the unknown, but at least new territory. There is something about where we do what we do which resonates particularly strongly when you arrive in Lumsden. The Scottish Sculpture Workshop has been there for I think about forty years. But of course it has. What a great place to make things. No worries about messing up the lawn. So, what is the connection between an experimental (still don’t like the adjective) music festival and a place of making things. Well like everything, firstly it’s about the people. Sam Trotman, the newish director, is a brilliantly questioning person and open to all ways of making in the arts and as anyone who has brushed, even so slightly, the corners of Counterflows’ jacket of woven musical mischief knows we like to question. So bringing us together is perfect, in a desire to explore the worlds of sound, making, place and people.

To kick off the residency series, the wonderful musician, artist and mushroom hunter Sholto Dobie has taken up the reigns of the first residency. I spent the first three days of Sholto’s initial stint at SSW. It was a pleasure getting to know Sholto, cooking food, wandering around the area, being chased by Aberdeen Angus bullocks, picking wild mushrooms and talking about ideas. Sam and the team and SSW are brilliantly open and welcoming (the cakes are, well, a treat). At one point Sam asked myself and Sholto in to meet a tour of the local WI and are then asked to judge their cake competition. It was a very close thing.

Sholto will spend four weeks at SSW developing ideas and and making something and at the beginning of November will present some of these ideas at the Lumsden Weekender organised by SSW.

Hopefully Sholto will continue this blog with anecdotes from his time on the residency. Keep an eye out on www.ssw.org.uk and on Counterflows and SSW’s facebook and of course here at www.counterflows.com/projects