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April 2021
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Still House Plants




Originally formed of Artists David Kennedy, Jessica Hickie-Kallenbach and Finlay Clark, Still House Plants started to write music together during their 2nd year of study at The Glasgow School of Art. After playing a show at The Art School, David’s friend Calum O’Connor offered to play the saxophone, and since have created collaborative works as musical collective Still House Plants – using a variety of image and instrumentation to create an environment which pursues the middle ground between the visual and aural.

We first discovered Still House Plants via their performance at the Glasgow Open House Art Festival. We were instantly attracted to their strange but warmly accessible mix of meandering lo-fi pop, Sonny Sharrock/Bailey-esque guitar mangle and domesticated approach to installation. We were also pretty shocked by how young they are. The new Glasgow underground is alive and well.

Still House Plants on Bandcamp