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April 2021
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Counterflows Residency: Presentation with Annette Krebs & Janie Nicoll



It was always my plan to try and get a programme of residencies happening at Counterflows. Music is often about collaboration, in fact probably always and so the idea of getting two artists who have never worked together to lock horns to look at what they do and to share ideas and possibly to produce something, even if that something is just the very discussion of why it didn’t work, is a very exciting prospect for Counterflows. With support from The Goethe Institut, Creative Scotland and CCA this year will see the first residency happen. Co produced with the wonderful Suzy Glass the exciting thing for me is that I have never worked with the two artists, Annette Krebs and Janie Nicolls. It is really brilliant that they are willing to find out what might happen in the seven days they have to work together. Janie is well known in the visual arts world of Glasgow for her work that exposes a powerful use of words as objects and her play with the perceptions of words almost fugue like in the way it layers ideas on top of one another. Annette maybe be not so known here but in Berlin she has been building a reputation for the intensity of her work with sound, again layering silence, noise, field recordings and speech in ways not too dissimilar to Janie’s. It will be fascinating to see what happens.
www.janienicoll.co.uk www.annettekrebs.eu/

Annette Krebs

Annette Krebs