A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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The Flexibles



Music sometimes reeks of its own self-worth. And then sometimes it just is. Richard Youngs our featured artist sometimes makes music with people he knows. He is not quite sure how you can collaborate with people you meet out of the blue. It is a bit like the scene when the bandit or cowboy fires his pistol at the feet of his would be antagonist and says dance. More often than not the poor fellow doesn’t really dance, he just moves in a dance like way. Of course Counterflows does sometimes ask us to dance but not Richard. The Flexibles are a special kind of dance.

In Richard’s words:
“The Flexibles are a trio with a combined age of 106. They are Andrew Paine, Richard Youngs and his son Sorley Youngs. Formed in 2012, their debut single ‘Cities of the Narrow Universe’ was released on Nyali Recordings. This will be their first live show of 2015.”

Just perfect I say…