A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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Day Five – The Road to Lapa leads to Sauchiehall Street



After an afternoon shopping for hair clippers and bandages nipped over on the Metro to Ipanema. Before that a farewell lunch at the most wonderful vegan restaurant for Ashley Paul and one of those universal Scottish moments when meeting William Bennett. It seems our pasts have trailed a paralell existence. Knowing all the same stuff about Glasgow way back whenever. Of course, the bandaged hands and the Cut Hands could not be avoided. Just a momentary treason of sense.

Early at Ipamena to meet up with Sabrina from British Council Brazil with Graham McKenzie… holding the inevitable conversation about funding at bay and enjoying saying hello. Of course,  there was a shared belief in the potential with all that we are doing which was really great.

Then to Tarab Cuts with John Butcher and Mark Sanders at the really wonderful Oi Futuro venue. It was fitting seeing John and Mark here in Rio as Chico first heard their poject at Counterflows and Graham who produce the project had reccommended that Chico come to Counterflows. All very joined up. The sound was great and the wailing Tarab singing was quite mesmerising with John dancing the butcher way around his instruments and Mark’s musicality on percussion shining.

To Lapa next. The hedonistic centre of Rio…a sort of Sauchiehall Street in the sun. For some reason it brought to William and my minds a vision of Ronnie Briggs being nicked as he arrived back in Britain. I’ve never quite understood how that robbery ended up being “The GREAT Train Robbery”.

La Paz Club, the venue for the late night stramash, was an amazing many tiered affair with music everywhere and a lovely (sort of) roof terrace. The moon was out and high in the sky as the party got going with the Chico Dub Sound System (It wasn’t really called that)

Cut Hands cut through the haze of Afro Soul with a thumping crushing set of concrete noise step. The visual element was not quite right but the music, after a beautiful audience pause of wonderment, got everyone bashing around. Really enjoyed my first Cut Hands experience and oddly poignant in Brazil.

Sensibly back home by 3pm….early for Lapa it seems.

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