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April 2021
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The Space Lady



photo credit: The Space Lady

photo credit: The Space Lady

Often seen performing in 1980’s Boston, and then a decade later in San Francisco’s Castro community – where she would play and sing for hours on end for the gay scene, and got her apt moniker – The Space Lady’s winged helmet and setup of a Casio battery-powered keyboard, vocal mic, and echo & phaser controls, became a small but striking phenomenon. Greatest Hits is a fascinating document of her journey; the covers, originally recorded in 1990 at a friend’s San Fran studio, reflect both the longevity of her own time performing, and a certain lineage of American radio and chart music itself. TSL’s former partner Joel – a US Army draft evader in the 1960’s, with whom she went on the run under assumed surnames – often picked out the covers. As she performed, he would stay at home with their three children, and pick tracks from the radio hits…or else cycle to second hand record stores, crate-digging for faded gold. “I thought of him as the man behind the curtain,” she says, “like the Wizard of Oz, because he was so influential during those early years.”


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