A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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The Wonder Space | Counterflows Family Workshop




This year Counterflows has devised two workshops with creative master of
ceremonies Clare Hoare under our new initiative The Wonderspace – a space to wonder and create wondrous things.

The Glad Tape Music 10am til 12pm
Lin Chiwei is an artist from Taiwan who will perform on Saturday at the festival, with the support of The Glad Community Choir, a version of his Tape Music Series. Lin Chiwei has created a 100m long tape with instruction and symbols on which the participants will interpret with their voices. For this workshop we will create our own version – The Glad Tape – and we will perform our creation in the Glad Café at the end of the workshop.

my City 1.30pm TIL 3.30pm
Richard Youngs is the featured artist of Counterflows 2015 and has created a new piece of work for the Festival called Experiment for Demolished Structures. Inspired by this new creation, rather than demolish, we would like you to build your own city from recycled materials.

Both these workshops are free and you are welcome to attend one or both of them. If the sun is shining we hope to go out of the Glad Foundation and explore the sounds and sights nearby to inspire your creations.

Both workshops are open to children and young people aged 6 + but any child 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Spaces are limited. Reserve places at the Glad Café either in person or call 0141 636 6119.