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April 2021
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Zeena Parkins – Lace with Green Dome, The One Ensemble, Tony Bevan, Armin Sturm & Ruth Morley



Zeena Parkins – The Lace Project with Green Dome, The One Ensemble, Tony Bevan, Armin Sturm & Ruth Morley
(6.15pm – 7pm)

Counterflows’ 2016 featured artist the truly remarkable Zeena Parkins opens her Counterflows’s account with the first UK performance of her Lace project. This is a wonderfully collaboartive project bringing together her New York band Green Dome with Scotland’s own The One Ensemble, GIO’s Armin Sturm, Flautist extrodinaire Ruth Morely and bass sax weilding Tony Bevan.

Lace is an ongoing project begun in 2008, based on a collection of lace fragments from, to date: Scotland, Turkey, Belgium, Spain, Italy, and France. It is a multi-movement composition for improvisers, that proposes lace as a score which viewed from varied distances is perceived as picture, with patterns flip-flopping between near and far illusionary points of view.

A multitude of readings occur: shapes into pattern, patterns into shape: juxtaposed, layered, overlapped, adjacencies side stepped; actions forming and re-forming, with the supreme joy and grounding orientation of the groove. An often messy loop in a loop in a loop, a picture of itself, within itself, mise en abyme;

shape to gesture, gesture to thread, thread to touch, touch to touching, a gossamer web sounding.

At Counterflows, Zeena’s band, Green Dome will premier a new movement inspired by the intricacies of Shetland Lace. With its symbology, coding, and grid based charts, the Shetland movement explores the language used for defining actions that designate stitches and how that language and those codes can inspire and prescribe musical strategies.