A Carnatic Paradigm – Mark Fell, Rian Treanor, Nakul Krishnamurthy, Nandini Muthuswamy, Sandro Mussida, Dr Shobana Swaminathan and Mysore Vadiraj

Friday 7th April – CCA Theatee

Doors open at 5.45pm

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The debut of A Carnatic Paradigm a new multi-channel sound and light installation that responds to the
systems and processes of the Carnatic music traditions of South India. Created and curated by Mark Fell, this event will feature a series of curated performances of new music by Mark Fell, Nakul Krishnamurthy and Rian Treanor and Sandro Mussida as well as a performance by a carnatic ensemble featuring Nandini Muthuswamy violin, Shobhana Swaminathan – veena, MysoreVadiraj – Mridanga.



After last year’s stunning performance by the Carnatic music ensemble to close Counterflows we asked Mark Fell if he would consider creating a new piece that explores the complex systems present in Carnatic music; how those systems relate to creative practices and musical vocabularies; and the correspondences with his own musical methodologies and critical writings on technology.

In November 2016 Mark, Rian Treanor and Alasdair Campbell spent 10 days in Chennai researching carnatic music. this involved meeting musicians, attending temple performances, observing lessons and exploring the basic fabric that Carnatic music is built on.

The focus of the research visit was not to learn to play carnatic music or to take part in cross cultural improvisations, but to carefully examine the structures and methods found in this music and to enter into a mutually supportive dialogue with those active in this tradition.

AC Projects acknowledges the continuing support of British Council and Creative Scotland in the realisation of this project.