Ashley Paul / Rashad Becker (duo) + Mark Vernon @ Queens Park Bowling Club

Sunday 9th April 2017 – Queens Park Bowling Club

Doors open at 5.30pm

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Delighted to welcome this first ever duo performance by Rashad Becker and Ashley Paul.

Rashad Becker might have been involved in your favourite experimental album released in recent few years (via his day job as a mastering engineer at Dubplates & Mastering), but he’s also an excellent solo musician, known for his “Traditional Music of Notional Species” series released by PAN. He comes to Glasgow following release of second volume of his wonderfully vivid non-referential synthesized music on PAN. Rashad’s improvisations are beautifully textured and brimming with sounds, never lacking the much needed clarity that makes his music so special.

Ashley Paul is an American performer/ composer currently based in London. We were first attracted to Ashley’s work by her striking take on song form; a delicate but utterly focussed tip-toeing between melodic free-form structures and scratching, scraping, clattering sound, bridging the liminal gap between intimate bedroom folk stylings and the unpredictable dynamics of early British improvisation. Despite being schooled in jazz and improvisation, Ashley subverts and re-configures learned practice in a way that feel oddly singular, allowing her to craft an unvarnished and deeply personal form of music.



Mark Vernon is a Glasgow-based artist whose work exists on the fringes of sound art, music and broadcasting. A keen advocate of radio as an art form, he co-runs Glasgow art radio station Radiophrenia, and has produced radio programmes for stations internationally. He has also published a slew of solo and collaborative music projects through Staalplaat, Ultra Eczema, Entr’acte, 3Leaves, Staubgold and Gagarin Records, as well as a series of small CDR and LP editions on his own meagre resource imprint.

For this special performance at Counterflows Festival, Mark will be doing a live presentation of his newest LP, ‘Lend an ear, leave a word’, released on Graham Lambkin’s KYE label. Composed from field recordings of contemporary Lisbon combined with reel-to-reel tapes and micro-cassettes found at the Feira de Ladra flea market, it is a portrait of time and place – an archaeology of sound. The result of the audio flotsam and jetsam washed up on the shores of low commerce in the flea markets of Lisbon.